The classic Congregation Kol Ami look-book which welcomes in the new year will be getting a digital revamp this coming year! Instead of a print copy, all members will be getting a link in their email inbox to access the digital edition of “yearbook” edition of the Double Triangle this coming High Holy Days, which will include the year-in-review photographs and personal greetings from their fellow congregants, while a future, separate section featuring local business ads will be coming later. 


It will be the same Double Triangle we all know and love, just now in a digital format!


To purchase a personal greeting for the yearbook section, it’s easy! Below is the size and pricing for each ad. Photographs may be added to the 1/4 and 1/2 page ads, if desired, for no additional cost.

1/8 Page Greeting: $18

1/4 Page Greeting: $36

1/2 Page Greeting: $72

To purchase a greeting online, simply use the forms below!  

Select the size greeting you would like, then pay for the greeting, fill out the greeting text form, and finally, send Charlotte Kantz your photo, if applicable, at


Of course, personal greetings can still be ordered and paid for via check, along with messages and photos mailed to Fran at the Congregation Kol Ami office at 1008 W. Water St, Elmira, NY, 14905.


All greetings must be submitted by AUGUST 15!

Please note: the personal greeting section cannot be used for business advertisements.


Personal Greeting Order Form

1/8 Page Greeting


1/4 Page Greeting


1/2 Page Greeting


Personal Greeting Text Form

Text of personal Greeting 

Thanks for submitting!

Please remember after purchasing a greeting and filling out the text form, to send your photo, if applicable, to Charlotte Kantz at!

Thank you for supporting the Double Triangle!