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I remember Shabbat afternoons learning the weekly Torah portion with my grandfather, my Zaida. We both loved these sessions: pure joy, connection, safety. He held my hand as I delved into the text, and I held his as he delved into his memories. 


Being a rabbi is my calling. I have a passion to inspire and to engage with others on co-creating meaningful and memory-making Jewish experiences. To help individuals, families and communities navigate times of transitions. To find our spiritual voices.


The Torah is called the Book of Life, Sefer Ha’Chayim. Judaism is something you get intimately involved with. It is a relationship. A meeting place for Holiness, Kedusha. This is the Judaism that I seek, and wish to share. A Judaism that engages, integrates, and inspires the whole person: the world that we inhabit, and the world that we would like to build.


I would love to meet with people, by phone, online, and preferably in-person. To start to get to know each other. To share thoughts, ideas, concerns, hopes and dreams. And I am thinking not only about those who are currently connected and involved with CKA. But also with folks who sit on the periphery, uninvolved, feeling under-connected and perhaps unconnected. 


My office door is always open. Please reach out to me to share even a cup of coffee. I look forward to building together on this beautiful foundation of Torah, Study, Avodah, Service, and Gimilut Hassadim , Acts of Loving-kindness.



Rabbi Tom

Rabbi Tom Samuels
1008 W. Water St. Elmira, NY 14905

Shabbat Service Schedule:

Friday Evening Service - 7:30PM

Saturday Morning Service - 9:30AM

1008 W. Water St. Elmira, NY 14905
Phone: 607-732-7410 
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