CKA prides itself on offering a variety of services in different styles, accommodating the needs of our diverse congregation. All services are conducted using our own Siddur Kol Ami, our congregational prayer book edited by Rabbi Steinitz.

Friday Night Services 

Our Friday night services are held each Friday at 7:30PM, usually in the main sanctuary. The services are musical, participatory and include a discussion of the week’s Torah portion or current happenings in the Jewish world. Services are often enhanced by the singing of our volunteer lay-leaders. Once a month, usually on the fourth Friday, a special musical Shabbat service is led featuring soloist Susan Amisano, followed by a wine-and- cheese oneg. During the school year, a family service is held several times a year in conjunction with the Jewish Community School, often preceded by a Shabbat Dinner.

Saturday Breakfast Service

A unique local tradition dating back to post WWII days, when Jewish retailers were required to work on Saturdays and open their stores early in the morning. This short service is held at 8:30AM, lasts approximately half an hour, and is followed by a breakfast and a lively discussion around the table. Our upcoming b’nai mitzvah often assist the rabbi in leading the service.

Saturday Traditional Service

A more traditional service takes place at 9:30AM and includes p’sukei d’zimrah, a Torah reading (triennial cycle) and a d’var torah or discussion. This is a mostly-Hebrew service with no musical instruments.

Shabbat Ruach 

Several times a year, a joint service is held at 9:30AM rather than two separate services. This is a musical service with emphasis on congregational singing and participation. It includes an abbreviated Torah service, and is often enhanced by a guest speaker and a luncheon. 

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Shabbat Service Schedule:

Friday Evening Service - 7:30PM

Saturday Morning Service - 8:30AM

Saturday Morning Service - 9:30AM

1008 W. Water St. Elmira, NY 14905
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